Medical imaging research is a broad field, ranging from physics of image acquisition to analysis of the generated images. Between these two ends, the medical imaging process chain involves several additional steps, such as image generation, reconstruction and processing, along with radiation dosimetry characterization, quality control, and human and computer image interpretation. To maximize the effectiveness of medical imaging, all these steps need to be optimized and assessed before advancing a medical imaging modality into clinical practice or for a new clinical application. 

AXTI aims to have an impact on all these stages, covering different skills in medical physics, biomedical engineering, human image perception, computer science, and artificial intelligence that work together for the characterization and optimization of advanced x-ray-based medical imaging methods and their application. Below you can find our main research topics, which are grouped by main research areas and by the imaging modalities involved.

Prior research areas

Tomographic Imaging

Overige afdelingen Imaging