Rigon Sallauka, a PhD student in Electrical Engineering at the University of Maribor, Slovenia, is currently undertaking research on developing an explainable and interpretable AI system to predict breast cancer recurrence. The research merges radiological, histopathological biomarkers, and clinical data for comprehensive analysis. As an exchange student for one month, under the guidance of Daan van den Oever, Rigon’s aim is to gain valuable clinical experience. His focus during the visit is to observe the day-to-day routines of radiologists involved in diagnosing primary breast cancer or recurrences, aiming to enrich his understanding of the clinical context surrounding his research.

12 February 2024

Lotte Kleimeier is a Master's student in Biomedical Sciences at Radboud University. She conducted her master's thesis research at the AXTI lab, focusing on optimizing CT lymphangiography with insights into fluid dynamics. She collaborated with Liselot Goris and Luuk Oostveen. Her thesis highlighted challenges in achieving the desired opacification, underscoring the need for further research on lymphatic fluid properties. The findings suggest potential improvements in both diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for lymphatic imaging.

29 November 2023

 Bas Willemsen started his thesis as a master student from the University of Twente, focusing on the development of a deep learning algorithm to determine the risk of lesion masking in screening mammograms, working with Sarah Verboom.

01 August 2023
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