Suzanne van Winkel

PhD candidate

Suzanne van Winkel is a PhD candidate at the Radiology and nuclear medicine department at the Radboud UMC.

After obtaining her bachelor's degree in nursing (BN/RN) in 2014, she gained experience as a nurse, mainly in in youth health care. She became a clinical epidemiologist by studying 'Evidence based practice in Healthcare' at the University of Amsterdam and Amsterdam university medical center . Her master thesis research was conducted in the epidemiology department of the public health municipality of Utrecht, identifying possible risk factors associated to families who waive the regular youth healthcare program without notify (a phenomenon that is associated with ‘problem families’ and suboptimal care). After graduating in 2018, she started teaching and supervising bachelor theses in the bachelor of Nursing at the HAN university of applied sciences. Because of her affinity with oncology and desire to further develop her research skills and to be involved in medical research she decided to start a PhD in the Breast Imaging Group (BIG), supervised by Ritse Mann . She is involved in the MARBLE-project . Her research is mainly on the validation and implementation of automatic tools in breast cancer diagnosis.  

Tomographic Imaging

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