Koen Michielsen

Post-doctoral researcher
+31 24 36 17549

Koen Michielsen is a post-doctoral researcher at the Diagnostic Image Advanced X-ray Tomographic Imaging Group (AXTI) headed by Ioannis Sechopoulos.

He joined the team in November 2016 and works on 3D reconstruction for computed tomography, focussing on breast CT and digital breast tomosynthesis, supported in part by grant CA181171 from the National Cancer InstituteNational Institutes of Health, USA. After obtaining Master's degrees in Astrophysics and Medical Radiation Physics, he worked as Medical Physics Expert at the Department of Radiology of the University Hospitals of Leuven, Belgium. Later he decided to switch focus from quality assurance to research and started a PhD project at the Department of Imaging and Pathology of the University of Leuven entitled “Maximum a Posteriori Reconstruction of Digital Breast Tomosynthesis”, which he successfully defended in 2016. 

Tomographic Imaging

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