Jesse Habets

Office: Route 766, Room 11
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Jesse Habets is working as a radiologist at Radboud University Medical Center since January 2019. He was PhD student at the Department of Radiology at University University Medical Center Utrecht between January 2010 and July 2012. In July 2012 he defended succesfully his PhD thesis entitled “Computed Tomography of Prosthetic Heart Valves”. He was a Radiology resident between 2012-2018 at the department of Radiology at the University Medical Center of Utrecht, Gelre Hospitals Apeldoorn and Antonius Nieuwegein. Dr. Habets is an expert in cardiovascular imaging / radiology and he is a european board certified cardiovasculair radiologist (EBCR) since 2018. Besides cardiovascular radiology, he works in the field of thoracic and musculoskeletal radiology. Furthermore, he performs ultrasound and CT-guided non-vascular procedures. Besides dedicated clinical work, he has a special interest in cardiovascular research with several publications in the past. At the moment, he focuses on non-invasive ct techniques (4D CTA, FFR-CT en dynamic CT perfusion) to evaluate coronary artery disease.