Gustavo Pacheco Guevara

Gustavo Pacheco studied Physics at Mexico’s National Autonomous University (UNAM). After graduating, he enrolled in the MSc in Medical Physics program at the same university. In 2021 he obtained his MSc with the thesis “Breast glandular tissue volume and volumetric glandular ratio measurement using dual-energy mammography.” During 2021-2022 he collaborated with the Physics Institute at UNAM and Mexico’s National Cancer Institute on a research project focused on biomarker quantification in breast images, where he worked on the development, validation, and software implementation of mammographic image quantification methods. In October 2022 he joined the Advanced X-ray Tomographic Imaging group within the Radiology and Nuclear Medicine department as a PhD candidate under the supervision of Koen Michielsen and Ioannis Sechopoulos. His research project aims to develop and validate novel breast tomosynthesis acquisition methods for functional breast imaging, which will aid in the personalization of treatment plans and monitoring of the response to treatment.